Can You Reserve Flights on British Airways?

A lot of customers have a doubt while booking flight tickets on British Airways. Especially the customers who are booking their flight tickets for the first time with British Airways. Can we reserve flights on British Airways? The answer is Yes, of course. British Airways is a well-known airline in the United Kingdom, headquartered in Harmondsworth, UK, and is one of the largest airlines in the UK. Also, the primary motive of British Airways is to provide best-class services to its passengers. That is the reason it offers the facility to reserve flight before you pay for the flight tickets. 

The customers are just required to pay a minimum hold deposit fee of around £5 and when you confirm the booking, the £5 will be refunded and you will get your ticket. However, you will have 72 hours to hold your reservations. The £5 is for the short-trips hold deposit fee, for long-trips, the hold deposit fee will be £10 per person. Any one person details are required to hold the tickets, other names can be added within the 72 hours of booking. 

With a Basic ticket (that includes Economy, handbag luggage)

One of them will be applicable: 

  • Pay the minimum hold fee and reserve your seat until the check-ins open.
  • Or, the British Airways officials will allocate a seat when check-ins open, if you are choosing by yourself, your choice would be limited.

Conditions in which You are eligible to Reserve Your Tickets and Seats For Free

The following are the conditions:

  • If you are a member of the Executive Club (Gold, Silver, Bronze, or  Blue), you are free to reserve your seats with no hold deposit fee. 
  • You are booking seats in the first cabin.
  • In case, you are a group of nine or more people.
  • If you have any disability, your seats will be reserved free of charge.

There are many situations when customers are not sure whether the family members or friends are free or not to go on a vacation and it will be even more an annoying situation when they are not able to book the perfect flight tickets. With the help of British Airways Reservations, customers are now free to book their tickets and pay within 3 days. This will make the customers time to think and discuss along with they have the perfect flight ticket offer reserved.

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